Introducing Hurd Ultra-R™

Introducing Hurd Ultra-R™

R-2 Window Typical dual pane window
R-2 Window Triple pane gas-filled window
R-2 Window Normal 2” x 6” insulated exterior wall
R-2 Window New Hurd Ultra-R window

Without exaggeration, the most energy-efficient window glazing on the planet.

Meet the next great advancement in windows: the multi-cavity, multi-coating glazing system of Ultra-R. It uses advanced, coated films suspended inside a premium low-E unit to create as many as four super-insulating, gas-filled cavities.

Available on all Hurd products, Ultra-R glazing achieves the highest insulation values in the window industry—from an impressive R-6 for our standard single film, argon-filled unit, all the way to an unprecedented R-20 for our custom triple film, krypton-filled techno-wonder.

Ultra-R Cross Section
Fade Protection:
Very Best
Insulation Value:
Very Best
Noise Control:
Solar Heat Gain Control:
Very Best

Ultra-R glazing uses Heat Mirror technology, invented at MIT.

Ultra-R’s suspended films reflect heat back to its source, improve thermal insulation, block 99.5% of UV rays, reduce noise up to 20% over typical dual pane windows, and improve your comfort and energy savings dramatically.

Note: All R-values shown are center of glass. Standard Ultra-R configuration is 1 film. Custom capabilities up to 3 suspended films. Since the 3 film options require a 2” IG, this option is only available in a direct set window.